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Rooikat Aim Assistor for your Handgun
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Lightweight and easy operation
Suitable for most Handguns
Double your accuracy

The Rooikat Aim Assistor

The Rooikat Aim Assistor is the perfect product for for your Handgun - with better accuracy at longer distances.

  • Suitable for most handguns with a picatinny rail on front of the handgun body.
  • Fits compact, medium and full body handguns.
  • Once off setup per handgun.
  • Soft non-slip shoulder pad.
  • Easy to use even for the whole family.
  • At least double your accuracy at double the distance.
  • Easy unfolding and folding bud stock for smaller storage spaces.
  • Shoots like a rifle but with the ease of a handgun.
  • No extra licence required for your Rooikat aim assistor.
  • Back stops made from strong yet gentle on your handgun material.
  • Provisions have been made for extra picatinny rails for flashlights and lasers.
  • Easy and quick Gun insertion and removal from the Rooikat aim assistor unit.
  • The Rooikat aim assistor’s length is adjustable to suite all persons big or small.
  • Once the setup is done a handgun CAN be inserted safely, even with a loaded handgun in just a few seconds.
  • No extra sights needed. Use the current sights on handgun. Even fits aftermarket sights and red dot sights.
  • Your handguns slider is open for easy visual on chamber and magazine well for post shoot safety.
  • The Rooikat aim assistor is made from lightweight material and yet strong enough.
  • Gun coating is applied to the Rooikat aim assistor for non-rusting peace of mind, no special cleaning required.
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